Monday, June 9, 2014

My Picks for the Colorado Republican Primary

Bentley Rayburn for Colorado's 5th Congressional District. I sent General Rayburn an email asking him some very pointed questions, and several designed to lead him to progressive answers, but his answers were solid Tea Party, Constitutional ideas with sound rationale. I expected a few short responses, but he took the time to elaborate on several points, including individual liberties, the proper role of the Federal Government, and the over-reach of several Federal Agencies, to name a few. I know some people in the area like sour grapes talk show host Jeff Crank are on a witch hunt, but General Rayburn is not only clearly more conservative than Lamborn, he's a lot more motivated and focused, with the ethics and leadership to get the job done.

Mike Kopp for Colorado Governor. After listening to a lot of speeches and reading a number of websites and articles, I've decided that Mike Kopp is the best choice to replace Hickenlooper. He is a solid conservative and understands the role of limited government and the importance of our civil rights, including the Second Amendment. The Democrats are wrong: Tancredo isn't too conservative, he's too libertarian. Beauprez is too establishment (really, Mitt Romney's endorsement didn't clue you in?) and doesn't even address any issues on his website, and Gessler has too many ethical skeletons in his closet. 

Mark Lowderman for El Paso County Treasurer. This is a tough race to call, mostly because the subject matter is dry as dust, but I believe Lowderman has an action plan to reduce the size and bureaucracy of the Treasurer's office and is business, veteran and retiree friendly. Duncan Bremer's campaign seems to consist of "I'll make paying your taxes less painful, heh heh heh," and some fictional idiot named "Phil" on the radio repeating his name over and over again in hopes of generating name recognition.

Get those ballots filled out and sent in ASAP! Do your homework and make educated decisions.  It's our responsibility as citizens of this great country.

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