Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Colorado State Senator John Morse has conceded the recall election!  This is a victory for Representative Government.

While the media kept saying this recall was about the gun laws he pushed, it was more about the way he went about it.  He quashed dissent, refusing to allow pro 2nd Amendment citizens to testify against the laws during Senate debate.  He refused testimony from Colorado Sheriffs who opposed the bills.  He described phone calls and emails from citizens opposing the bills as "toxic."  He chose to represent New York Mayor Bloomberg and President Obama in the Colorado Senate instead of the people of Colorado. 

Not only that, but throughout the recall process, he used (or allowed others to use) every trick in the book, from lying robocalls to lawsuits to avoid facing the voters in a recall election.  An honest representative of the people would have welcomed a chance to take his case directly to the voters, but not a tyrant like John Morse.

John Morse was derelict in his duty to represent the voters in his own district, and now he has paid the price. 

The people of Colorado have spoken and on behalf of the citizens in your senate district, Mr. Morse, YOU'RE FIRED!

Mayor Bloomberg, let this be a lesson to you.  Keep your New York nose out of Colorado politics.  We don't want your liberal nanny state policies here in the West where we value liberty, self sufficiency and a government that keeps its nose out of our business and its hands off our God-given rights.

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