Monday, February 25, 2013

Cut the Crap on Sequestration

Here is my email to Senator Mark Udall, D-CO, in response to his hysterical email asking that we support him in stopping sequestration:

Senator Udall,

Please don't patronize us or try to scare us on sequestration.  You and the President are using scare tactics to claim that the Republicans are going to steal lollipops from babies and throw grandma under the bus, but you know full well, as Bob Woodward proved, that this is the President's idea and a calculated political move by you Democrats.

Sequestration will cut just $44 billion from this year's $3.6 trillion budget - a devastating 1.2%.  Meanwhile, the OMB reports that there is far more than that to be saved by streamlining duplicate programs and eliminating government waste.  Put the bureaucracy on a diet, firing federal employees who spend their days moving paperwork from this pile to that one, and you'll spare us the pain.

We are in a spending free-fall, and you're arguing about literally a penny or two on the dollar.  We, The People, see through your crap, your political games and your grandstanding.  Get real, and stop lying to the American People.

Better yet, resign and make room for men and women who will do their duty and save this great nation from foolish daydreams of a socialist utopia.

With respect for your Office,

Jeff Odegard
Colorado Springs

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