Thursday, December 20, 2012

Please don't roll over for John Boehner!

Congressman Lamborn,

Thank you for everything you do for us in Washington.  I appreciate your conservative stance and voting record.  The reason for writing is that Speaker Boehner is demonstrating that his "conservatism" is only skin deep.  He is caving on tax increases, punishing conservatives by either removing them from committees and threatening others if they do not vote for his misguided compromise with President Obama on the so-called "fiscal cliff."

First, the "fiscal cliff" is a manufactured crisis, brought on by Congress's inability to deal with the real crisis - the staggering national debt.  President Obama is playing chicken with Congress, threatening dire financial ruin if he doesn't get things his way.  We are on the brink of financial ruin anyway!

Second, the Democrats' version of "compromise" is that Republican give up key principals while Democrats posture and relinquish on secondary issues.

You and I know that President Obama, Senator Reid and the other Democrats have no real interest in resolving this "crisis" until Republicans give up on bedrock conservative principals. 

John Boehner has surrendered one too many times, and should be removed as Speaker of the House for his failures.  Please pursue the election of a new, truly conservative Speaker.


Jeff Odegard
Colorado Springs

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