Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Waldo Canyon Fire

I was able to see the fire tonight from our neighborhood park.  As you look at these pictures, please pray for the 32,000 people evacuated, for the safety of the firefighters and volunteers, wisdom for our leaders, and for God to intervene in this situation.

Click on the pictures for a full-size view.

This is looking W-NW to the Rockrimmon area, about 7-8 miles away.  The first shot is a wide angle, probably covering from Garden of the Gods Road on the left to the AF Academy on the right. 

I saw a bright white flash on the south end of the fire when I first got to the ridge, and a couple smaller orange flashes a little later.

The second picture is a zoom of the area center left of the first picture.  Each of the bright spots is a house fully involved.

One of our neighbors is housing a family of evacuees from his church.  We have friends who have already been evacuated, and others in areas on the west side getting ready just in case.

This is a humbling reminder for your family to be prepared - not for a zombie apocalypse, but for likely natural disasters, storms, and other possibilities.  It can happen to you.

I took this video through my spotting scope at 40x magnification.

Please pray.

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