Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let's Google That...

I read an interesting comment from an article at The Blaze on the Occupy Wall Street silliness. The commenter, RangerP, suggested googling images for the "tea party movement" and then compare them to how the liberal Dems and lamestream media describe them. It sounds like a great idea, so let's try it.

Click here to google images for "tea party movement." I took the liberty of downloading the first four links that had pictures of people. Look at all those fascist, racist hate-mongers! You can tell by the way they dress and the horrible masks and the obscene signage that they want to destroy our American way of life and murder people in their beds!

The lamestream media and left-wing Democrats are showing us their true colors. They will stop at nothing to hold on to power. They will smear, defame, and outright lie to make their opponents look bad. This display of their lack of character shows just how unqualified they are to hold public office.

The next election is going to get ugly, no matter who we nominate, so let's nominate the best people for the job. Don't hold back on showing the world who these people are, always with the truth, always with respect, but giving no quarter and expecting none (because none will be given). The Tea Party and true conservatives must continue to maintain the moral high ground.

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