Thursday, February 17, 2011

Our Budget Ideas

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) sent out an email today asking for "Your Budget Ideas." This is what I sent him, not that I am expecting him to listen.
Senator Bennet,

Thank you for soliciting our comments on the budget. If you listen to them, we can stop the looming economic disaster. As you know, we are rapidly approaching the point where we will no longer even be able to pay the interest on the national debt. The President has submitted a budget, which, like most politicians seeking re-election, postpones the necessary pain of extreme cost-cutting until after the next election. Worse, rather than cutting the budget and reducing the deficit, he is continuing his runaway deficit spending. Yes, he inherited a budget deficit from his over-spending predecessor, but rather than bandage the wound and stop the bleeding, President Obama has cut even deeper and opened up an artery. In just his first two years, he took us farther in debt than all previous administrations combined! It took George Bush a full 8 years to accomplish the same task!

Government spending is out of control. It is time for courageous politicians to admit to the people that we are in serious trouble and make deep, painful cuts. Cut up the government credit card. No more debt! Eliminate unconstitutional programs and agencies. Seek and destroy government waste. End wasteful earmarks. The Republican promise of $100 billion in cuts is not even enough, when the President is planning another $1.38 TRILLION in deficit spending (and adding $7.2 TRILLION over 10 years). Please stop putting bandaids on arterial bleeding. Have the courage to make real, significant cuts, balance the budget, and start paying of the national debt.

If you don't, the next step is for the rest of the world to end the dollar's status as the world reserve currency, resulting in the collapse of the dollar and massive inflation. What was once whispered in dark corners of the Internet is now being reported on CNN and Fox News. We can't ignore the debt any longer. DO SOMETHING AND DO IT NOW! Please!

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