Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pro Football

"22 men in desperate need of rest watched by 22 million in desperate need of exercise."

I'm taking the Spurs over the Yankees by 3 points, with a goal in the last minute of the third period.

Oh, and I'm excited about the Tim Tebow commercial. Everyone was upset about this?

Funny how incensed "progressives" get when others want to express their first amendment rights - especially about a story who made a politically incorrect "choice." By the way, the abortion issue is simple: every abortion ends a human life. It's a baby.

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Keith Walker said...

I've got good news and bad news for pro-lifers about the Tim Tebow commercial. First the bad news;

I thought that Tebow commercial was the LAMEST attempt at a pro-life statement I have even seen. I watched the Superbowl over at my folks house and they have DVR service which allows us to rewind live TV. The commercial was over and done before any of us had the chance to pay attention to it.

Was that it? We watched it again and were disgusted that it didn't even say anything about abortion or the prolife movement. You've got to go to a web site to see what in the world the freaking commercial was about.

Now for the good news. For the pro aborts (pro-death) to get their panties all tied up in a wad over such a lame commercial is evidence of the weakness of their position. The better news is... they know it.