Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Reason to Carry in National Parks

FoxNews reported on Saturday that Mexican Drug Cartels, hurt by post-9/11 border security, are now growing marijuana on public lands, including National Parks and Forests up and down the West Coast, Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia. According to AOL News, "The pot growers pose a risk to the public. In some cases, growers are operating near campgrounds, roads and beaches. " According to King5 News in Washington State, "Agents go in heavily armed knowing the growers often are too." It seems the drug cartels have to watch out for "patch pilots," competing drug dealers who steal from their crops, so they often post armed guards on the site to shoot anyone who comes nosing around, like you and your family out for a nice Fall hike.

But law abiding citizens with concealed carry permits are not allowed to bring loaded concealed weapons into National Parks? It sounds like some National Parks are not the "completely safe" places that the liberals have been leading us to believe.


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