Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have finally finished my Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary! It has been quite a ride for the last 7 years. I started seminary a year after getting married, and my two kids (3 and almost 5) have never had a daddy who was not in school. For those reasons, and because I'm just plain tired, we're going to take a one year break before pursuing any kind of full-time ministry. My backpack has hung in the garage for seven years, and I need to teach my family how to camp!

I would appreciate your prayers for the Lord Jesus Christ to give us a restful year, and for Him to show us where He wants us when the time comes. My passions are for discipling new Christians and young leaders, and counseling the hurting.

Over the last seven years I have learned not just Bible and theology, but how to approach Biblical and theological issues in a way that produces fruitful change in me and the ones to whom I minister. I am grateful to my professors, the seminary, and mostly to the One who has called me onwards and upwards. To Christ be the glory.

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Keith Walker said...

Congrats, Jeff! Now go have some fun!