Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Feedback for Walmart

I left the following feedback on the Walmart site today:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I was deeply disturbed to hear about the changes in Walmart's policies regarding the sale of firearms and related products. Because of your competitive prices, I have been purchasing all of my practice ammunition for both handgun and rifle at your stores as well as a number of shooting, fishing and camping accessories, and was strongly considering buying a hunting rifle from you next month as well.

Your new policy of videotaping all firearm sales as well as creating a computerized log of all firearm sales is an unnecessary invasion of my privacy. In order to purchase a firearm I already have to show a valid picture ID, fill out an extensive information form and submit myself to an instant background check. The measures you are taking will have a negligible effect on reducing the number of "straw purchases" of guns to be used by criminals - the buyers will simply shop somewhere else. All that these measures will accomplish is costing you the business of hundreds of thousands of law-abiding sportsmen.

I will not shop from your outdoors department again until you rescind these unnecessary policies that only serve to invade my privacy and drive away loyal customers. Any additional cost is well worth my privacy.


Jeff Odegard
Colorado Springs, CO

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